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Who are we?

ECO Value is a social enterprise that produces ecological drinking straws. We care for both the environment and the people who live in it. We believe that our sensitivity will allow us to take a step to reduce the rate of environmental pollution and the degradation of our planet. We also give people with disabilities a chance for a new life, full of joy, a sense of purpose despite traumatic events and illnesses and a work that brings tangible results.

We help – while caring for the environment.

Our values


As the world becomes more aware of the single-use plastic crisis, more and more people reject plastic straws and demand a biodegradable alternative.

BIOSTRAWS were created precisely to provide the best and, eco-friendly alternative to plastic and paper straws. Our customers can use BIOSTRAWS both at home and in partner locations, thus contributing to the reduction of the amount of plastic waste.

eco straws


We’re certified for compliance with the GMP - General Management Production guidelines.

Minimal processing

The rye stems are naturally straw-shaped, so there is no need for any further processing (apart from sterilization and packaging).

No waste

If we don't process the stems into straws, they'll be turned into animal food!

Locally produced

The BIOSTRAWS are made with a Polish rye variety called "URSUS" grown in the swietokrzyskie voievodship. The grains are verified by the Agricultural Development Agency each time.


By purchasing BIOSTRAWS you support people with disabilities. We wanted to combine being eco-conscious with our previous experiences in working with people who are at the risk of social exclusion, including those unemployed and with disabilities. This is why we founded ECO VALUE – a Non-Profit company – which employs people who have been socially marginalized and deprived of the possibility of leading a normal life. Thanks to working at ECO VALUE, these people have the possibility of social and professional participation. For the first time in many years, they can work to the best of their abilities and receive decent remuneration for their labor. For many of them, it means a radical change to their way of life.

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How are made BIOSTRAWS?

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BIOSTRAWS production process



We carefully select rye stems, checking for possible imperfections, as well as their length and diameter.



Manual processing

The selected stems are cut into shorter pieces. The straw cutting process is semi-automatic, which means that a pneumatic system helps the operators, but at this stage it is not possible to replace the work of human hands with machines.




The straws are cut into a length of 13 cm, 17 cm or 20 cm, sterilized (with an organic sterilizing agent) and then dried.




After cleaning and drying, the straws are sorted and inspected according to our product quality standards to ensure the highest customer satisfaction.




Finally, the BIOSTRAWS are tied together and hand-packed using our ecological packaging.


ECO facts

mln tons

of plastic are produced each year in the world


plastic straws are used daily in Poland.


pieces of plastic garbage end up in the ocean


marine animals die every year due to plastic.

reusable BIOSTRAW makes a difference.

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