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The market has changing needs and whether we like it or not, we have to answer them. Now it’s your move. Let’s make sure that your gastronomy follows the highest standards. Local suppliers and high quality products are one thing – but another, no less important issue is ecology and the good habits associated with it! Show your guests that you care about them and promote good values.

It is impossible to serve dishes solely with 100% organic ingredients, preferably 5 minutes before serving, but the customers always appreciate making an effort. Supporting the local market is always a good idea, as you will surely be able to find farmers and artisans in every area who produce healthy food and take quality seriously.

One can approach the issue of local produce creatively. Guests will appreciate the seasonal menu, seasonality is always a good idea. Fresh fruit and vegetables, appropriate to the season in which they grow, will be appreciated. This also helps you avoid freezing food – and therefore guarantees less quality loss. Due to the obvious difficulties, especially residents of large cities will appreciate access to local staples.

When we “know what we eat”, we can confidently take our children to a restaurant that we know feeds us with quality. The menu must not only be attractive, but above all rich in the necessary vitamins and minerals that will positively affect the development of the child and provide them with complete nutrition. The catering market consciously responds to the needs of customers as consumer knowledge grows and people are no longer not satisfied with mediocrity. They are looking for newer and newer solutions and take into account various aspects, more and more is being said about ecology. Keeping up with the times, let’s opt for simple solutions that are always welcome.

Replacing plastic straws with plant straws is the first good habit that should become a thing. If we serve dishes on disposable plates, let them be organic – e.g. made of pressed bran. Paper cups – although slightly less durable than plastic ones – are also welcome. Paper bags are also becoming standard. In addition, they can be used multiple times. Everyone will find a convenient solution.

The care taken in the preparation of dishes also applies to their exact origin. When buying eggs, choose those that come from free range farms. Even the largest discount chains inform customers where the eggs they sell come from. The number of things that can be learned from the staff and read from the labels also matter. Customers often want to find information about allergens, type of flour or preservatives. We will earn money when we are accurate. Equally appreciated is coffee with a “fair trade” certificate, which lets us know that the coffee has been grown in a place that values high employment standards.

The strength of ecology is primarily its impact on the natural environment. With good habits, we can build a customer base who will appreciate and stay loyal to our standards.

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