Rye straws – a natural alternative!

More and more often we choose disposable cutlery, plates and straws made of alternative materials. Plastic is slowly becoming a thing of the past. Restaurants and fast-food joints that use disposables are steadily introducing ecological solutions. The largest fast food chains have been offering only paper straws for some time now. However, there are other solutions as well. How about a rye straw?

These are fully biodegradable products that come straight from nature. Due to their more compact structure, they do not soften like paper straws even when kept in a drink for a long time. They are a good change compared to plastic, which is still being produced on an unimaginable scale. In the United States of America alone, about 500 million plastic straws are used annually.

Fortunately, caring for the environment is becoming more and more common. We pay attention to what we use every day. The main problem is the long decomposition time of plastic. Organic alternative products decompose after just 6 months. Unfortunately, plastic, unlike ecological materials, is not compostable in any way. Therefore, straws made of rye and wheat turn out to be the best solution. They provide not only benefits for the planet, but also durability and comfort of use.

The idea of “zero waste” is becoming more and more common. Properly disseminated information contributes to this, as well as increasing public interest in the subject. In this way, it promotes the elimination of hazardous substances, and thus – waste that is stored in landfills. The waste in the oceans is the most dangerous factor. According to the data, as much as 79% of plastics are not recycled. This is especially harmful to sea creatures, as well as to all birds. Animals are at risk of swallowing products that they are unable to digest, getting stuck in them and being seriously injured.

Ecology is slowly becoming not only a temporary fashion, but a ubiquitous trend. Seeing what is happening around us, we start to think and care about the environment. The pollution of the seas and oceans is just the tip of the iceberg of our immediate needs. The air we breathe grows heavier.

So it’s good to take small steps in order to make changes in your life. Rye straws are a great idea for those who want their restaurants and hotels to be easier on the environment. Straws are dedicated not only to restaurateurs and hoteliers. Each of us can start thinking ecologically and make conscious choices.

Rye products are characterized by high resistance to liquid immersion. This applies to both cold and warm drinks. The straw does not get wet, it is resistant to cracks or softening, which would make it inconvenient to use. It can be used not only for non-alcoholic drinks, but also for mixed cocktails and hard liquor.

Now you can enjoy the natural taste and take care of the world around you!

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